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Dob A Dumper Report Form

'Littering' or 'Dumping' is anything at all that is left behind, thrown or discarded onto a place where it does not belong. It can be a deliberate act or it can be as a result of not securing a load correctly. Either way, let us know if you see someone doing it. Some examples include;



  • A cigarette butt thrown or dropped by a driver or passenger
  • Garden refuse or household rubbish leaving or blowing from a ute, or trailer
  • Any material, rubbish or personal items falling or blowing from the back of a ute, boat or truck
  • Food or drink containers deliberately thrown or dropped from a vehicle
  • Packing material, plastic wrap, placards, signs, notes or other commercial materials coming from a vehicle load
  • Leaving fishing scraps and fish offal on a beach or beach lands



  • Building materials left behind or deliberately deposited in a public place
  • Garden refuse, cutting or pruning’s or household goods deliberately left in a place other than the tip
  • Commercial or household rubbish, or waste left in a place other than the tip
  • Cars or car parts left in the bush
  • Rubbish of any kind deposited outside of a bin or waste facility


How do I report Littering

Rangers will investigate every report received. The more information you provide us the better we can;


  1. Identify the person responsible
  2. Make the person accountable for the litter / dumping
  3. Have the area cleaned up


So we can more thoroughly investigate the matter, please fill out the following form with as much detail as you can.

If you only have limited information, submit the form with what you have anyway and we will do what we can to establish the rest.

If you wish to speak directly to the Rangers please call 9186 8555.

The date you saw the offence or found the litter
The time of the offence or the time you found the litter
Where did you witness the littering or where the litter is
Person – Driver / Passenger, Age, Sex, Clothing, hair etc. Vehicle – Make, model, type, colour, features, covers, business name. Litter – Material, Size, Type, quantity, collected by you.
For any vehicle or trailer involved – If known
Where was the Registration from
For the person responsible for the litter or the driver of a vehicle involved
The exact event you saw, who did what, how they did it, what they did, what was their reaction, direction of travel, where you were, - The more information the better for us, even if it seems trivial

Your Details

The information below is needed for us to investigate the event. Should you choose not to supply your details we may not be able to proceed

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