City of Karratha

Public Notifications

Find out what's in store for the City of Karratha - from town planning schemes to policy changes to new developments.

DRAFT: Ten-Year Footpath Strategy 2018-2028 
Public Notice: Sahara Forest Feasibility Report (6.3MB PDF) 
Public Notice: Port of Dampier - Closure of a portion of King Bay Rd (3MB PDF)11 July 2018
Public Notice: Sale of abandoned vehicles (1.4MB PDF)
- Offer to purchase form (0.7MB PDF)
22 June 2018
Public Notice of Adoption of Local Law (0.6MB PDF)
- Amendment Local Law (0.9MB PDF)
13 June 2018

Public Notice of Major Land Transaction - The Quarter Hotel (0.75MB PDF)
- The Quarter Hotel Business Plan (6MB PDF)
- The Quarter Hotel - FAQ (0.8MB PDF)

4 July 2018
Public Notice: Intention to Impose Differential Rates (0.4MB PDF)
Objectives and Reasons for Proposed Differential Rates for the year ending 30 June 2019 (1.0MB PDF)
30 May 2018
Public Notice: Special Council Meeting 5 June 2018 (0.5MB PDF)5 June 2018
Public Notice: Ordinary Council Meeting 29 June 2018 (0.5MB PDF)29 June 2018