The City will help you secure the permits required before a building can be demolished or relocated.  

‘Demolitions’ include the complete or partial dismantling of a building or structure by pre-planned and controlled methods or procedures. The process of securing a demolition permit ensures a demolition procedure that’s safe for you and the community.  

Submit a Building Information Request for information about your building request.  

Read the Demolition Permits information guide to learn more about demolitions.  

When is a demolition permit required?

A Demolition Permit is required before removing or taking down a building, in most instances. There are some exemptions for minor Class 10 buildings (sheds, patios etc.) which are 40m2 in area. 

Is a separate planning application required?

Planning approval is required to demolish some buildings. Generally, dwellings and associated structures are exempt.  

Call 9186 8555 or email to discuss your project with the City’s Planning team if you have any questions.   

Who submits the demolition application? 

Either the property owner or the party contracted to demolish the building may submit the application. 

What do I need to submit with my application for a Demolition Permit?

Along with your application, please include:  

  • completed Demolition Permit Application (BA5) form including signatures of all owners  

  • the applicable fee payment  

  • Letter of approval to demolish (Strata Developments only) 

  • a full site plan showing the location of the building to be demolished in relation to the property boundaries and other buildings on the property. This plan is to be drawn to a minimum scale of 1:200 

  • written notification that all services have been disconnected 

  • confirmation that rodent baiting has been undertaken.  

Who can obtain a permit for the demolition work?

A licensed demolition contractor must obtain the permit unless the demolition work comprises demolition or removal of a Class 1 or Class 10 residential building. 


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