Public Participation

Members of the public may attend Public Agenda Briefing Sessions and Council Meetings and may ask questions or make deputations or presentations. 


Questions can be asked in person during Public Question Time. You will be required to provide your name, address and question in writing on arrival and during Public Question Time will be invited to ask your question.

Questions at Public Agenda Briefing Sessions must relate to an item in the Agenda for that month.

Questions at Ordinary Council Meetings may relate to an item in the Agenda, or any matter that affects the City of Karratha. 

Questions are to be directed to the Presiding Member and shall be asked politely, in good faith, and are not to be framed in such a way as to reflect adversely or be defamatory on a particular Elected Member or City employees.

Verbal questions are limited to two minutes per person, with a limit of two verbal questions per person and may be responded to at the meeting or taken on notice.
Questions submitted in writing by 09:00am Friday prior to the meeting will be responded to, where possible, at the meeting. Karratha residents and/or ratepayers may submit questions in writing to the City here. A maximum 5 questions per person are permitted if provided in advance in writing. Your question will not be asked if you do not attend.

A written response to all questions will be included in the agenda of the next Council meeting.

Click here for additional detailed information about asking a public question to City of Karratha Council.


Deputations or presentations are typically conducted at the Public Agenda Briefing Sessions. This allows Elected Members the opportunity to ask questions of the persons involved. The Presiding Member may agree to a deputation or presentation at the Ordinary Council Meeting if it is considered necessary.

Deputation requests must be submitted in writing to the CEO no later than 5pm on the Friday immediately prior to the Public Agenda Briefing Session. Requests for deputations should be emailed to

Click here for additional detailed information about making a Deputation to City of Karratha Council.


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