Document Policy Type Review date
AP01 Karratha Passenger Transport Vehicle Operators   (210.11 KB) General 22/09/2021
CE01 Unbudgetted Financial Requests from Community   (139.79 KB) General 20/08/2012
CF02 Cash Handling (132.85 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF03 Investment Policy   (274.69 KB) General 19/10/2020
CF04 Investment Policy Property   (261.03 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF05 Financial Hardship (Rate Relief) Policy (122.75 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF07 Corporate Credit Card (211.24 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF08 Debt Collection (192.52 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF10 Rating Equity Policy   (146.37 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF11 Rating Exemption Policy   (137.14 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF12 Financial Reporting to Council Variations and Timing Policy   (181.77 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF13 Asset Management Policy   (0.2 MB) (139.68 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF14 Reserve Funding Policy   (133.12 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF16 Budget Review (140.96 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF17 Disposal of Asset Policy   (135.5 KB) General 16/07/2019
CF18 Self Supporting Loans (110.97 KB) General 30/05/2022
CF19 COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy (131.13 KB) General 30/06/2022
CG19 Travel and Accommodation Expenses (539.46 KB) General 29/05/2023
CG01 Risk Management (250.36 KB) General 28/03/2022
CG02 Honorary Freeman of the City of Karratha   (525.63 KB) General 30/01/2023

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