Sheds and outbuildings

Many people in the City of Karratha choose to install outbuildings on their property as a place for their hobbies or for extra storage space.  

Outbuildings are classed as an enclosed freestanding non-habitable structure, such as a garden shed, workshop or sheds, that may be used for storage on residential properties.  

A Building Permit approval is required for all outbuildings regardless of size, applications may be submitted by the property owner or the party contracted to install/construct the outbuilding. 

Download the outbuilding and sheds information guide to learn more. 

Is a building permit required for an outbuilding?

A building permit approval is required for all outbuildings regardless of size.  

Who submits the application?

Either the property owner or the party contracted to construct the outbuilding submits the application.  

What plans and specifications do I need to submit with my application for a Building Permit?

Along with your application, please include: 

  • floor plan and elevations of the outbuilding to a scale of not less than 1:100 
  • a full site plan showing the location of the proposed outbuilding in relation to the property boundaries and all other existing buildings on the property. This plan is to be drawn to a minimum scale of 1:200  
  • engineering drawings as certified by a Structural Engineer. The engineering drawings must include details of the design criteria to which the building has been designed, such as wind region, importance level, terrain category 
  • Technical Data Sheet for any proposed roller doors, confirming they are suitable for the region.

What do I need to check if the outbuilding is to be fitted with a roller door?

The manufacturer/structural engineer is to certify that the roller door(s) and their fitments and supports comply with the domestic garage doors standard AS/NZS 4505 and can withstand the wind pressure loading.  

What is the maximum size outbuilding that I can locate on my property?

The City’s Planning Policy DP7 provides details on the permitted size of an outbuilding. Variations to this policy may be sought by lodging an application for Development Approval with the City’s Planning Team.  

How far from the boundary of a property can I build an outbuilding?

As a minimum under the National Construction Code an outbuilding must have a minimum 900mm setback between the eave line and the boundary or between the dwelling eave and the proposed outbuilding. Alternately a fire wall may be required.  

The minimum boundary setback from a Planning perspective is 1m. Any boundary setback less than this will require Planning Approval.  

Can I build the outbuilding as an owner builder?

Yes, however if the value of the work exceeds $20,000 you will need to apply to the Building & Energy Division at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety for an Owner Builders Licence before you submit an application for building approval.  

Alternately a registered builder will need to be engaged to obtain the Building Permit and carry out the work.  

What if I require a change to an existing or an additional crossover?



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